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UPS Backup Power for Mission Critical and Life Safety Code Applications.


Decades of Experience

Manufacturing emergency power products since 1990, our designs are specifically intended to suit applications where a fuel-powered generator is undesirable, or impossible, as for example in a high rise building, rented suites or ‘quiet zones’.

Exemplary Service

Our experienced OnStat team is about solving problems, saving money, and doing the right thing. We are not simply order takers, we are an engineering and design and service group at heart and in practice.

We maintain our position through successful on-going product development and innovation; by listening to customer feedback and consistently delivering premium quality products, backed by exemplary service.



At fourteen inches width, very little wall-space is needed for our Uninterruptible Power System – less than a typical electric panel.

Our design philosophy is that “One size does NOT fit all”, and that while we endeavor to maintain stock levels to provide rapid order fulfillment, we also design our emergency power products to be conformable to varying customer needs.  Prove the benefit of our product’s unique design, saving time  and installation costs.


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I have been in the “Biomedical Engineering” field for 25 years. Fifteen of those years I have operated my own Biomedical Service Company. For years I have tested, maintained and certified your Battery Back Up Systems for my customers. I have always admired the design and the fit of these devices for the Office based Surgical Centers. Because of my exposure to your products, and the quality that has been time tested, I refer these devices to my Customers in need of this type of equipment. Biomedical Tech

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